The Story So Far…

Amritah Lutchanah began studying Martial Arts in 2001 and qualified as a Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong instructor with the Chinese Internal Arts association in 2007. She is a member of the professional body, Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. Beginning her career in 1994 within the NHS as a nurse Amritah worked in a variety of settings across London and the South East. During this time, she studied to become a reflexologist and therapeutic massage practitioner.

Since qualifying as a Tai Chi instructor, Amritah has worked extensively on a variety of therapeutic projects. She undertook a role as an instructor for the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust for their Falls Prevention clinic. Working closely with the physiotherapy department she developed a range of tai chi-based exercises to improve clients’ strength, balance and confidence. Amritah was asked to contribute to a joint- run project with Reading PCT, Age UK and Sport England. She helped to design, set up and manage community based Tai Chi classes addressing issues of social isolation in older people and falls prevention.

Amritah has also gained considerable experience working within the private field and has successfully worked with clients to manage and improve a broad range of health issues. She has gained considerable experience in treating sports injury, chronic pain and postural imbalances.

Amritah can teach exercises to assist clients to identify where they hold residual tension in their body and further, facilitate meaningful change through Tai Chi and Chinese Internal Martial Arts.



Let me introduce my teacher….

Grand Master Wang Haijun

As a young boy, Grandmaster Wang Haijun lived and studied  in Chen village, the home of all Taijiquan, under the close instruction of 19th generation Chen family Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei.

 GMW is certified as 7th Duan in the Chinese National Wushu Association Duan Wei System, a Taijiquan practitioner of the highest level. He has won countless competitions achieving Gold medals in taiji boxing, form, pushing hands and sword. He is a true Grandmaster and, since 2012, it has been my absolute honour to call him my teacher. To find out more about GMW please follow this link to his website.