Master Zheng Dongxia

This is all about fundamentals including silk reeling. It is in Chinese but you can easily follow along from about 10mins in.


Cannon fist

Silk reeling


Warm up although I don’t recommend the knee exercises. First movement in the form.
With English subtitles.


The whole of routine1. Mostly the same but some movements are slightly different but a useful tool even so.


White crane spreads wings and brush knee move sideways


Brush knee and white crane


Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei
Silk Reeling

Four tigers, see what you can find out here is a link to get you started


Grandmaster Wang Xi'an

Demonstrating some applications. Note that he uses internal strength to preform the movements. For example at around 2mins 30 secs both Shifu and student practice chest push. You can see how relaxed the Grand Master is and how the student uses stiff force in his arms.

Interview with Grand master Wang Xi’an. I encourage you to read this as it contained excellent advice for Chen style Taiji students.

Explication of first few moves:


Useful explanation of Tai Chi that goes through the whole form systematically. This is link 1/5. There are a few differences in style but generally very good: