Group Classes


Classes start with a gentle warm up relaxing mind and body. We then go through a set of tai chi based exercises with an emphasis on strength, balance and correct postural alignment.

During the class we will look at the beginning of Chen Style Tai Chi form. The form is called “ Laojia YiLu”meaning “Old form routine 1”. Routine 1 is characterised by slow graceful movements with occasional bursts of power.

Intermediate level:

Continues with deeper awareness of unconscious‘ Misalignments and attention to detail on the form. Plus development of the five basic skills.

  1. Fang Song – deep relaxation of major joints
  2. Peng Jin – rooted outward multi direction strength
  3. Ding – central postural upright alignment
  4. Chen – rooted
  5. Chan Si Jin – silk reeling skill

Senior classes:

These sessions are for students that have completed at least the whole of routine one and are looking to develop their skills ready for leaning routine 2. Minimum of three years continuous practice and a deep understanding and demonstration of the five basic skills.

Please where loose comfortable clothing and well fitting shoes.

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